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In 2018, Beatrice and George founded Clean & Proud, a non-profit project, to help solve the waste management crisis in Malawi, Africa. We recycle local waste and educate our community through outreach programs. Our brand, &Proud, designs unique and ethical products using the waste our project recycles. Every time you purchase an &Proud product you support Clean & Proud.
Our Founders Beatrice and George
Our Waste Collector Francis


Our Waste Collector Francis

inspiring change

Clean & Proud is our non-profit project rooted in Mzuzu, Malawi. We create a social impact and environmental change for and with our local community.
— With no official waste management system in Mzuzu, we support our community by handpicking and collecting waste from the streets, local dumps, scrapyards, businesses and households. Stagnant water due to waste, attracts mosquitos and fosters cholera. By removing the waste, we reduce the spread of some deadly diseases. 
— We work with local schools on outreach programs — which we consider vital work. We educate the students on the impacts of plastic on our planet and the effects of cooking with plastic.

— We work with and support many local suppliers. Meet a few of them here!

— We solely hire and up-skill local residents of Mzuzu. We provide a fair wage, nutritious lunch daily and support with nursery and school fees.

— We give our wax cotton off-cuts to local women in need so that they can create mats to sell.
— One tree is planted in Malawi with Root to Fruit for every online order.

— We are eager to expand our school outreach program. We have a special and budding idea to create a partnership between schools in Mzuzu and in Europe. Reach out if a school you know would like more information.   

— We are always working hard to collect and recycle more local waste. We hope to hire another Waste Collector and purchase another bike and trailer to boost our impact on our community.

— We are continually working on our permaculture garden to provide more diverse and nutritious lunches. 



Henry manages our Clean & Proud project and the production of our &Proud products. As a fantastic Tailor too, he’s our main man! He’s been keeping the team in ship-shape since August 2019.
“I love managing the project and brand because for every challenge we face, we always find a solution to it together as a team.”
We love Annia! When she’s not singing along to the radio(!), she works on the Clean & Proud Plastics Team. Ever since joining the team in February 2019, she has been a joy to have in our workshop.
“I joined Clean & Proud because I saw it as one way of resolving some of the financial issues I had.”
As a big chatterbox, Noah hasn’t stopped talking since he joined the team in September 2019. He’s a talented &Proud Tailor who has strengthened his skills week by week —  he sure knows his way around a sewing machine!
“I joined &Proud because they were looking for a tailor so I am also a tailor”

Our Team - Francis
Francis is a gent. He began working on the Clean & Proud Waste Collection Team in September 2021. In March 2022, Francis left us to pursue his career in Social Work. Oh boy! We miss him.
“I joined the team because it’s my dream to change our community as a citizen towards development”
William is the newest member to our ever expanding crew. He joined the Clean & Proud Waste Collection Team in March 2022. He’s famous for his beaming smile, two-handed wave and witty sense of humour!
“I joined the Clean & Proud team to support my family.”

Brenda is quiet but diligent. Working alongside her sister, Annia, on the Plastics Team, she has grown in confidence with every day. She was recently named The Brenda Machine, for her turbo dishwashing skills after lunch. 
“I love working for Clean & Proud because it has always given me a chance to prove that I am also considered in their production.”
Our Co-Founder, George spends a lot of his time ensuring the success and growth of our project. He loves experimenting with recycled waste and collaborating with the Tailors to create new products for our &Proud Lab.
“I was in a position to create a solution to the growing plastic waste problem in Malawi. Setting up Clean & Proud was my responsibility.”

Our on-site monkey deterrent and Officer of Cuteness since February 2021.
Matrina is a treasure. She has worked on the Clean & Proud Plastics Team since February 2019. She particularly loves washing and drying the plastic outdoors in our beautiful permaculture garden.
“&Proud has helped me in supporting financially as it covers for house rent and also sending my children to school.”
Precious has been our superstar Tailor of our &Proud products ever since he joined us in January 2021. Recently promoted as Head Chef, he makes some great Malawian rice for the team at lunchtime! We sure are lucky to have him.
“&Proud has helped me in improving the skills I have as a tailor”
Beatrice, our Co-Founder, is always working in the background with retailers and collaborations. She’s passionate about supporting and educating our community and, of course, caring for our environment.
“I dreamt of creating change through sustainability. When I came to Malawi, I knew straight away it was where I wanted to pursue this goal”